Online Assistance:

2016 Sample Questions & Answers (Grade 6; Posted 1/9/17)

Math Games:
-Conquer Club (Probability and Strategy)
-Game Over Gopher (Graphing on the Coordinate Plane)
-Just Get 10 (Numbers)
-Mastermind (Strategy)
-Properties:  Basketball Game  |  Battleship  |  Online Quiz
-Proportions:  Dirt Bike Race  |  Ratio Rumble

Math Activities
-Circle Activity (see videos below)
-Coloring Sheets:  Architecture  •  Optical Illusions  •  Tessallations
-Word Search:  5-Digit Numbers  |  Various:  1    2

Math Videos:
-Absolute Value (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
-Circles from a Plane:  Photos from Colorado / Utah / Wyoming Border  •  NASA Photo  •  Video  •  Design your Own
-Long Division (Song)
-Multiplication (Anamaniacs)
-Order of Operations:  1    2    3
-Ratios:  The Office  |  Seinfeld
-Solving Equations + Inequalities:  Lyrics  |  Music Video  |  Merecat Falling Asleep
-Why math is important:  Crane Truck Video  •  Crane Truck Website  |  Crane and Pool

Math Library:

Character Education:
-A Good Name (NFL Rookies Challenge, Steve Fitzhugh)
-Act Your Wage (Board Game)
-Enthusiasm & Body Language (Geno Auriemma, Women's Basketball Coach, Univ. of Connecticut)
-Millionaire Lawn Mower (Dave Ramsey)
-Personal Growth through Loss (Virginia Tech after losing in 1st round of NCAA Tournament)
-Problem Solving (Escalator)